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Nara Yoshitomo and Children in Prints

Wednesday 8 DecemberーSunday April 10 2022

Prints by Nara Yoshitomo (b.1959), and children depicted in prints.

江戸の滑稽 ―幕末風刺画と大津絵―
Utagawa Kuniyoshi, Tricky Fellow Fond of Mischief, ca. 1847
Planned Exhibition

Annual Ukiyo-e Exhibition! Humor in Edo: Ukiyo-e Caricatures and Ōtsu-e

Saturday 12 MarchーSunday April 10 2022

Ukiyo-e depicts various subjects considering people’s feelings, such as jokes and laughters, wishes for happiness, fears and dissatisfaction about the society. Through approx. 140 works, this exhibition will explore the lived reality of Edo to Meiji, reflected in ukiyo-e and o ̄ tsu-e, mainly from Tagawa Suiho ̄ 's collection.

Planned Exhibition

Post-War Japan as Inscribed by the Printmaker's Knife - Two Movements in Popular Woodcut
In Factories, Rice Fields, and Classrooms; We All Were Print Artists Once!

Saturday 23 AprilーSunday July 3 2022

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Speaking Still Lifes

Wednesday 13 AprilーSunday July 10 2022

長谷川潔 1891-1980展 ― 日常にひそむ神秘 ―
Planned Exhibition

Hasegawa Kiyoshi 1891-1980

Saturday 16 JulyーSunday September 25 2022

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Children in Meiji Period : Play and Learning Depicted in Ukiyo-e

Wednesday 13 JulyーSunday September 25 2022

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Utsumi Ryuko and Artists of Demokrato Artist Association

Wednesday 28 SeptemberーSunday December 18 2022

版画×写真 ― 1839-1900
Edouard Manet, Portrait of Charles Baudelaire after a photograph by Nadar, 1869
Planned Exhibition

Prints x Photographs―1839-1900

Saturday 8 OctoberーSunday December 11 2022

新収蔵作品展 Present for You
Planned Exhibition

Present for You : New Acquisitions 2021-2022

Thursday 22 DecemberーSunday February 19 2023

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Modern Life in Paris: Prints Around 1900

Thursday 22 DecemberーSunday March 12 2023

Planned Exhibition

The 36th Exhibition of Machida City Elementary and Junior High School Students

Friday 13 JanuaryーSunday February 19 2023

Roses, from Robert John Thornton (ed.), The Temple of Flora, 1805
Planned Exhibition

Nature into Art / Art into Nature

Saturday 18 MarchーSunday May 21 2023

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Nature in Japan

Wednesday 15 MarchーSunday May 21 2023

町田市立国際版画美術館 〒194-0013 東京都町田市原町田4-28-1 連絡先 電話 042-726-2771/0860/2889