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Stipple Engraving and Mezzotint

Friday 5 JanuaryーSunday April 8 2018

Two kinds of copperplate print techniques developed to express “tone”.

浜田知明 100年のまなざし
Planned Exhibition

Hamada Chimei

Saturday 10 MarchーSunday April 8 2018

This exhibition shows the works of Hamada Chimei , who stood foremost among intaglio print artists after WW II in Japan, and reaches the age of 100 in 2017.

深水の美人!  巴水の風景!  そして ・・・
Kawase Hasui, 1919, S. WATANABE COLOR PRINT CO.
Planned Exhibition

Shinsui's Beauty! Hasui's Landscape! and...

Saturday 21 AprilーSunday June 17 2018

Permanent Collection
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Reproduction/Originality on Printmaking

Wednesday 11 AprilーSunday June 17 2018

Fernand Léger, from “Cirque,” 1950, lithograph
Planned Exhibition

“Print Kingdom”
Masters of Prints are here!

Saturday 30 JuneーSunday September 2 2018

The excitement when going off on a journey and the beating heart when encountering something new or falling in love. The anxiety and agony that cannot be helped and the sense of relief when getting home. Transcending the region and the times, senses and emotions that we encounter in our ordinarily and extraordinary lives have been engraved and depicted in printmaking plates.

荒木珠奈 記憶の繭を紡ぐ
Araki Tamana, “Cocoon,” 2018, dry-point, owned by the artist
Planned Exhibition

“Imprint” MACHIDA 2018 -Araki Tamana-
Spinning cocoon memories

Saturday 30 JuneーSunday September 2 2018

Araki Tamana is an artist who has engaged in a wide range of creative activities from print work to installations. She learned copperplate printing in Mexico and has released from early on works that reflect her unique perspective of the world.

深沢幸雄 生をきわめて
Permanent Collection
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Homage to Fukazawa Yukio

Wednesday 20 JuneーSunday September 2 2018

Planned Exhibition

A Retrospective of Jörg Schmeisser
Neverending Journeys

Saturday 15 SeptemberーSunday November 18 2018

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Series “Artist in Machida”
Akasegawa Genpei, Okazaki Kazuo, Nakazato Hitoshi

Wednesday 5 SeptemberーMonday December 24 2018

第43回 全国大学版画展
Planned Exhibition

The 43rd Annual Exhibition of the Japan
Society of Printmaking

Saturday 1 DecemberーSunday December 16 2018

新収蔵作品展 Present for you
Planned Exhibition

Present for You: New Acquisitions 2017-2018

Saturday 5 JanuaryーSunday February 17 2019

第32回 町田市公立小中学校作品展
Planned Exhibition

The 32nd Exhibition of Machida City Elementary and Junior High School Students

Friday 11 JanuaryーSunday February 17 2019

Permanent Collection
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Ukiyo-e and Hyakunin Isshu
(One Hundred Poems from One Hundred Poets)

Saturday 5 JanuaryーSunday April 7 2019

パリに生きた銅版画家 長谷川潔展
Planned Exhibition

Hasegawa Kiyoshi

Saturday 9 MarchーSunday April 7 2019

Planned Exhibition

The Human Body as a Microcosm: Art, Anatomy and Astrology

Saturday 20 April 2019ーSunday June 23 2019

町田市立国際版画美術館 〒194-0013 東京都町田市原町田4-28-1 連絡先 電話 042-726-2771/0860/2889