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Ukiyo-e and Hyakunin Isshu
(One Hundred Poems from One Hundred Poets)

Saturday 5 JanuaryーSunday April 7 2019

パリに生きた銅版画家 長谷川潔展
Planned Exhibition

Hasegawa Kiyoshi

Saturday 9 MarchーSunday April 7 2019

THE BODY―身体の宇宙―
Planned Exhibition

The Human Body as a Microcosm: Art, Anatomy and Astrology

Saturday 20 AprilーSunday June 23 2019

Since ancient times, the human body has been gazed upon in various perspectives...

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Wednesday 10 AprilーSunday June 23 2019

Permanent Collection

Colleagues of Young Azechi Umetaro―
Japanese Prints of the 1930s-40s

Wednesday 26 JuneーMonday September 23 2019

-田中彰 町田芹ヶ谷えごのき縁起
Tanaka Sho,The Miraculous Origins of the Great Machida Styrax Japonica,2019,Property of rhe artist
Planned Exhibition

"Inprint"MACHIDA 2019
-Tanaka Sho-
The Miraculous Origins of the Great Machida Styrax Japonica

Saturday 6 JulyーMonday September 23 2019

Mountaineer (Ⅱ), 1953
Planned Exhibition

Mountaineer in My Heart Woodcut Prints of Azechi Umetaro

Saturday 6 JulyーMonday September 23 2019

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The Beauties/Viewers in/out Western Print

Thursday 26 SeptemberーSunday December 22 2019

Planned Exhibition

Beauties in Ukiyo-e: From Harunobu to Utamaro and further to Kiyokata

Saturday 5 OctoberーSunday November 24 2019

町田市立国際版画美術館 〒194-0013 東京都町田市原町田4-28-1 連絡先 電話 042-726-2771/0860/2889