Contemporary Artist Series: Remembering Risaburo Kimura
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Contemporary Artist Series:
Remembering Risaburo Kimura

Thursday 5 January – Sunday 9 April 2017

Kimura was a printmaker who was based in New York since 1964. This retrospective features about 30 of his works.

Annual Ukiyo-e Exhibition: Edo Nostalgia
Planned Exhibition

Annual Ukiyo-e Exhibition: Edo Nostalgia

Saturday 11 March – Sunday 9 April 2017

It was the dawn of a new era of cultural openness, yet some in the Meiji Era Japan looked back wistfully on the Edo period. Meiji ukiyo-e masters depicted scenes of bygone times as they remembered them, whether beautiful women, social customs, or even once-forbidden themes such as Edo Castle or the inner palace. This exhibition introduces nostalgic scenes of Edo as drawn by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi and his contemporaries.

Engraving the Universe
Planned Exhibition

Yokoo Tadanori Prints Retrospective

Apr. 22 (Sat.) ~Jun. 18 (Sun.)

Yokoo Tadanori (b.1936), is the artist who has been succeeded globally and has made Hanga(prints) energetically since 1960s until today. We will approach his whole creative expression through his Hanga and reconsider the significance in the present context. In this exhibition, we will show almost complete Hanga of Yokoo, displaying them on the wall full to overcrowding like “Jungle”.


Present for You
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Prints by 11 Pop Artists

Apr. 12, 2017 (Wed.) ~Jun. 18, 2017 (Sun.)

Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Jim Dine and so on.

Woodblock Prints in Europe
Planned Exhibition

War in Prints

Jun. 24 (Sat.) ~Jul. 23 (Sun.)

In the history of Western prints, many artists have created works of art on the subject of war. This exhibition is to show the famous series by Callot, Goya and Dix.

Present for You
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Funasaka Yoshisuke: Contemporary Artist Series

Jun. 21, 2017 (Wed.) ~Sep. 24, 2017 (Sun.)

This exhibition introduces Funasaka Yoshisuke (born in 1939) who continues to make print works by looking deep into himself.

Planned Exhibition

Biotope on Paper

Jul. 29 (Sat.) ~Sept. 24 (Sun.)

This exhibition explores flowers, animals, and imaginary living things on paper by showing about 120 works.

Discovering the Artistic Value of Satirical Prints
Planned Exhibition

“Imprint” MACHIDA 2017

Jul. 29 (Sat.) ~Sept. 24 (Sun.)

“Imprint” MACHIDA is Tokyo 2020 Cultural Olympiad event in Machida city, held every year until 2020., In this event, young artists will create print works, based on various materials gathered in Machida.

Present for You
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Iida Yoshikuni(1923-2006): Artist in Machida

Sep. 27, 2017 (Wed.) ~Dec. 24, 2017 (Sun.)

Prints by Iida Yoshikuni (1923-2006), sculptor, one of the greats of contemporary art.

Ono Tadashige Collection. Japanese Modern Print.
Planned Exhibition

150 years from Meiji Restoration
Children’s Journey through Modernization

Oct. 7 (Sat.) ~Nov. 23 (Thu. holiday)

In Meiji era, environments surrounding children had changed radically due to the importation of school education and customs from the western countries. Celebrating the 150th year from Meiji Restoration, this exhibition will focus on the lives of children in Meiji, playing and learning in the moods of both cultural modernization and nostalgia of passing Edo era by looking at ukiyo-e prints in those days.

Akira Matsumoto
Planned Exhibition

The 42nd Annual Exhibition of the Japan Society of Printmaking

Dec. 2 (Sat.) ~Dec. 17 (Sun.)

Students from art schools, universities of education, and specialized training colleges throughout Japan exhibit their finest works.

Hockney Print Exhibition
Planned Exhibition

Present for You: New Acquisitions 2016-2017

Jan. 5, 2018(Fri.) ~Feb. 18 (Sun.)

The 41st Annual Exhibition of the Japan Society of Printmaking
Planned Exhibition

The 31st Exhibition of Machida City Elementary and Junior High School Students

Jan. 12, 2018(Fri.) ~Feb. 18 (Sun.)

Ambitious works applying what the children have learned in their regular art, drawing, painting, handicraft and calligraphy classes. An enjoyable exhibition for the whole family.
(1) Junior High Art Exhibition  Jan. 12, 2018(Fri.) ~ Jan. 21 (Sun.)
(2) Elementary School Art and Handicrafts Exhibition  Jan. 26, (Fri.) ~ Feb. 4 (Sun.)
(3) Elementary School Penmanship and Calligraphy Exhibition  Feb. 9 (Fri.) ~ Feb. 18 (Sun.)

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Stipple Engraving and Mezzotint

Jan. 5, 2018 (Fri.) ~Apr. 8, 2018(Sun.)

Two kinds of copperplate print techniques developed to express “tone”.

Present for You
Planned Exhibition

Hamada Chimei

Mar. 10 (Sat.) ~Apr. 8 (Sun.)

This exhibition shows the works of Hamada Chimei , who stood foremost among intaglio print artists after WW II in Japan, and reaches the age of 100 in 2017.

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