“Imprint” MACHIDA 2018 -Araki Tamana-
Spinning cocoon memories

Planned Exhibition
“Imprint” MACHIDA 2018 -Araki Tamana-
Spinning cocoon memories
Araki Tamana, “Cocoon,” 2018, dry-point, owned by the artist

Exhibition Overview

Araki Tamana is an artist who has engaged in a wide range of creative activities from print work to installations. She learned copperplate printing in Mexico and has released from early on works that reflect her unique perspective of the world.

With fertile imagination and careful hand work, Araki has depicted in her works the cycle of life and death, which she has sensed from her own experience and from surrounding existence. Many of her copperplate prints that leverage matiere as, well as her instillations that strongly convey the texture of material, would sometimes transcend lyricism or elements of description and strike unalloyed part of our senses. Her works are filled with a mysterious fascination that embraces those who view her works and, at the same time, stir something primordial before every emotion and every sense arise.
In this exhibition, we introduce her new print work and installation inspired by sericulture, which used to be an active industry in Machida, in addition to approximately 60 pieces of print work and objects created by Araki. The works that she has spun will bring back the primordial memory that everyone has along with memories of the land that people are beginning to forget.

Brief Biography of Araki Tamana


Born in 1970 in Tokyo. Completed Postgraduate Art Course at Musashino Art University Junior College of Art and Design in 1992 and studied in Mexico (UNAM - National Autonomous University of Mexico) from 1993 until 1995. Graduated from Printmaking Course in Department of Painting, Musashino Art University in 1997. Currently lives in New York. Her representative solo/group exhibitions are: “Treasure of Light - Exhibition by two artists: Akasaki Mima and Araki Tamana” (2003, Hamada Children's Museum of Art), “MOT Collection: You, My Other, and Us All” (2006, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo) and “MAM Project 008: Araki Tamana” (2008, Mori Art Museum Gallery 2).

Layout of Exhibition

Section 1: Origin

“Planet,” 1994, etching, aquatint, hand-coloring, owned by the artist

Araki encountered print works in Mexico, where she went to study. Using a copperplate printing technique, she had depicted expressively the landscapes that she saw and feelings that she experienced in the life of a foreign country. In this section, we introduce her early works, which already showed a part of her unique perspective of the world.

Section 2: Journey and Home

“Living Like a Floating Cloud” 2000, etching, aquatint, hand-coloring, owned by the artist

Araki has created her works through being inspired by the memories of a journey to a distant land and by her daily life. The extraordinary and ordinary lives she depicts have a mysterious power that intensifies a longing for “anywhere but here” as well as nostalgia. In this section, we mainly introduce her works with the themes of journey and home.

Section 3: Poetry and Life

“The First Sail,” 2007, etching, aquatint owned by the artist

With works including those which are based on poems by her friends, there are many creations by Araki that are rich in lyrics. Her depiction that leverages the copperplate print technique also stimulates senses other than vision and gives life to her work at the same time. In this section, we introduce works that enable us to feel strong poetic sentiment and life.

Section 4: Cocoon Memories

“A Drawing for New Installation,” 2017, owned by the artist

We release new print work and installation work by Araki which she created for this exhibition through inspiration from sericulture, which was once an active industry in Machida,

Exhibition Information

DurationSaturday, June 30 - Sunday, September 2, 2018
* Open on Monday, July 16 (national holiday) and closed on Tuesday, July 17.
HoursWeekdays: 10:00 - 17:00 (Visitors must enter by 16:30)
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays: 10:00 - 17:30 (Visitors must enter by 17:00)
VenueSpecial Exhibition Room 2
Subsidized byThe Asahi Shimbun Foundation
Co-sponsored byAraki+Sasaki architects suzueri
AdmissionGeneral visitors: 800 (600) yen
Collage and high school students/Senior citizens of 65 years old or over: 400 (300) yen

* Free for junior high school students and younger
* Admission for this exhibition also covers the Print Kingdom exhibition.
* The fees shown in parenthesis are for groups of 20 visitors or more
* Free admission on Saturday, June 30 (the opening day)
* Half price for visitors who bring a Physical Disability Certificate, “Ai no Techo” (Intellectual Disability Certificate) or Mental Disability Certificate, and one person accompanying them.

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Saturday, July 7, from 13:30 - 16:00 (includes breaks during the session)
Venue: Studio
* Capacity: 30 (no prior booking required)
* Free admission

Cross Talk - Araki Tamana and Yabumae Tomoko (Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo) -

Saturday, July 14, from 13:30 - 15:00
Venue: Lecture Hall
* 100 visitors on a first-come basis (no prior booking required)
* An admission ticket to the exhibition (or ticket stub) is required.

Storytelling at a Museum - Time for a Picture Book and Storytelling -

Storyteller: Ohanashi Hasu no Mi
Wednesday, July 25 and Saturday, August 25, each for approximately 30 minutes starting from 14:00.
Venue: Special Exhibition Room 2
* Capacity: 15 visitors (no prior booking required)
* Please come to the entrance of special exhibition room 2 with a ticket for the exhibition.

Gallery Talks by the Curator

Saturday, July 21 and Saturday, August 18, each for approximately 45 minutes starting from 14:00.
* Please come to the entrance of special exhibition room 2 with a ticket for the exhibition.

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