自然という書物 15~19世紀のナチュラルヒストリー&アート
Planned Exhibition

The Book of Nature: Natural History and Art from the Fifteenth to Nineteenth Century

Saturday 18 MarchーSunday May 21 2023

Permanent Collection
admission free

Printed Nature in Japanese Woodblock Prints

Wednesday 15 MarchーSunday June 11 2023

出来事との距離 -描かれたニュース・戦争・日常
Planned Exhibition

Distance from the lncident - How News, War, Daily Life were Described

Saturday 3 JuneーMonday July 17 2023

大正・昭和初期の東京風景 織田一磨を中心に
Permanent Collection
admission free

Scenery of Tokyo in Taisho and Showa Eras (1912 - around 1930) ―
Mainly by Oda Kazuma’s Works

Wednesday 14 JuneーSunday September 24 2023

About 40 works, mainly by Oda Kazuma depicting the scenery of Tokyo from the Taisho era to the early Showa era, will be exhibited.

版画家たちの世界旅行 -古代エジプトから近未来都市まで
Planned Exhibition

Travelling Printmakers:From Ancient Egypt to Near Future City

Saturday 22 JulyーSunday September 24 2023

This exhibition traces the printmakers' travel through works from the 16th century to the present, representing various locations, mainly in Europe, but also in Egypt, the U.S., and Australia.

腐蝕の刻(とき) - エッチングの世界
Permanent Collection
admission free

Space and Time by Etching

Wednesday 27 SeptemberーSunday December 17 2023

Focusing on deep or improvised lines by etching, we will explore artists' hands and conceptions.

楊洲周延 明治を描き尽くした浮世絵師
Yoshu Chikanobu, Enjoying the Asakusa Park, c.1891
Planned Exhibition

Yoshu Chikanobu: The Ukiyo-e Artist of the Meiji Era

Saturday 7 OctoberーSunday December 10 2023

Yoshu Chikanobu (1838-1912)is one of the most famous ukiyo-e artists of the Meiji era. He worked on a wide range of subjects especially bijin-ga (paintings of beautiful women), which were the essence of his work. This exhibition traces Chikanobu's career and its charms through about 300 works.

Planned Exhibition

Present for You: New Acquisitions 2022-2023

Thursday 21 DecemberーSunday February 18 2024

黒崎彰 50年の軌跡
Permanent Collection
admission free

Kurosaki Akira: A Life with Prints

Thursday 21 DecemberーSunday March 10 2024

40 woodcut prints by Kurosaki Akira. He was an artists and also a researcher who had led Japanese prints since 1960s.

第37回 町田市公立小中学校作品展
Planned Exhibition

The 37th Exhibition of Machida City Elementary and Junior High School Students

Friday 12 JanuaryーSunday February 18 2024

版画の青春 小野忠重と版画運動展
Ono Tadashige, People Around Jazz, 1934
Planned Exhibition

The Youth of Print Arts -Ono Tadashige and Two Print Art Movements

Saturday 16 MarchーSunday May 19 2024

We wll introduce two print art movements: the Sinhanga Shudan group in 1932 and Zokei Hanga Kyokai group in1937, which were formed around Ono Tadashige, who was a print artist and a historian of print art during the Showa period.

Permanent Collection
admission free

Japanese Graphic Designers and Prints

Wednesday 13 MarchーSunday May 19 2024

Prints by Japanese famous graphic designers; Nagai Kuzumasa (born in 1929), Yokoo Tadanori (born in 1936), Wada Makoto (1936-2019)etc.

町田市立国際版画美術館 〒194-0013 東京都町田市原町田4-28-1 連絡先 電話 042-726-2771/0860/2889